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Due to problems in his youth, this hardcore-icon found his relief in sadomasochism. He went to some of the darkest shipping wharfs of Amsterdam, where he lived locked in saloons, dungeons and rusty chambers. 

One of the biggest mysteries of our scene

The industrial sounds he heard at that dark time of his life, led to a very big hunger that was about to be satisfied in the late nineties. One of the biggest mysteries of our scene has not been revealed ever since.

Killing Scum

The man, who has been credited as S. Olifant ( a pseudonym, as the true identity of The Masochist must be kept secret) released his first record at the end of 1997. The “Masochizm E.P.” wasn’t an instant success, but was a true blueprint for later glory times. The sound featured on the E.P. can be described best like a buzzing bee who’s about to sting. The Masochist got major credits for his second release: “The 2nd Strike”. This E.P. turned out to be a classic, due to the presence of two outstanding partycrashers: “No Newstyle?” and the original version of “Killing Scum”.

Event:Solar Storm Festival 2024Location:RockfabrikStage:Bassline BacklashDatum:30.08.2024Einlass:21:30 Uhr

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