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ABOUT Fernanda Pistelli

Fernanda Pistelli, raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, Has always been passionate about
different ways of interpreting the universe through her senses. Music allows her to
explore sensations capable of creating a unique atmosphere through her sounds,
“life is cyclical, so we are constantly changing and through music it is possible to
find an axis that is in harmony with everything that exists, and that is the key to
connect our mind to our body”.
She believes that music is capable of awakening awareness at different levels and
builds her sets by mixing mystical sounds surrounded by striking beats that
highlight her identity.
Deciding to follow what makes her heart beat faster, Fernanda left the business
administration college and went after her dream.
After traveling to Australia in 2016 and taking her place as a resident at the
prestigious DragonFruit label party and also at one of the biggest clubs in the city –
The MET, she had been approached by radio programs and festivals around the
Now Graduated in music production by Anhembi Morumbi, she found a way to
express herself through music, from her productions to the presentations that
range from Techno to Progressive House and Psy-Techno, which are being very
well accepted by the public as a novelty.
“Music is the universal language of love, I hope to touch people’s hearts, not just
play for people. We came here to let our soul dance”. This is the line of reasoning
that guides Fernanda in the choices of her work and her life.
Playing at the biggest festivals in the world, music continues to be the force that
moves Fernanda, sharing her amazing sounds with people all over and continuing
to challenge herself to find new routes to her music.

Event:Solar Storm Festival 2024Location:AachenStage:MAIN-StageDatum:18.08.2024Einlass:folgt

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